BIG BOY NUTS - 2nd Generation (Includes brass lock and 15″ chain)

Styled after Hercules This new generation of Truck Balls use our revolutionary new Chain and Lock mounting method. It allows many ways of attaching your balls securely under all your rigs. Install them in minutes on your big rig or small vehicle. Show the world you’re nuts. Hanging Assembly IS INCLUDED.


Basically, one day, a bunch of the guys were testing their mettle and 4×4’s by doing some hill climbs. One dude was going full throttle up a hill when a buddy yells, “Go Ernie, show’em you got balls!”

Those words triggered a vision and the next thing you know, Ernie had a set of balls hanging from the back of his rig.

We figured there were a lot of other Guy’s and Gal’s out there that would be interested in our balls, so we launched www.BullsBalls.com