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About Bulls Balls

Where did you come up with the idea for Bulls Balls?

We get that one all the time….

Basically, one day, a bunch of the guys were testing their mettle and 4×4’s by doing some hill climbs. One dude was going full throttle up a hill when a buddy yells, “Go Ernie, show’em you got balls!”

Those words triggered a vision and the next thing you know, Ernie had a set of balls hanging from the back of his rig.

We figured there were a lot of other Guy’s and Gal’s out there that would be interested in our balls, so we launched www.BullsBalls.com .

This product was developed in 1999.

Our web sites went on line in 2000.
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THERE IS A DIFFERENCE !How your Nuts are Made really counts !

All of our Bulls Balls® Big Boy Nuts™ Truck Nutz™ and Biker Nutz™ are molded out of a Poly-pro-py-lene Co-poly-mer OR High Density Polyethylene. These tough materials make these balls as hard as a rock AND colored all the way through. ( additional clear epoxy urethane processing for chrome and brass sets as well as our Designer Series™ of Camouflage Big Boy Nuts™ and Diamond Plate Big Boy Nuts™ )

BULLs BALLs® are very hard and extremely weather resistant. Each set of our Bulls Balls weighs in around two pounds. All of our products are colored through & through, should you ever drag your balls on anything, the color remains consistently the same color.

The Chrome and Brass Balls are made of the same materials, which are then vacuum metalized with the chrome or brass color added to a heavy, clear epoxy urethane. The shiny balls are then air dried & sprayed again, then baked once more for the durable finish required.

The Diamond Plate and Camouflaged Nuts are made of the same material, which are then applied with our unique patterns, then sprayed a coat of heavy, clear epoxy urethane. The shiny balls are then air dried & sprayed again once more for the durable finish required.

Even with these tough requirements, once the Chrome, Brass and Designer Nuts are hung on your rig properly, there could be small nicks and such from flying rocks and other debris as you might imagine. There is NO Guarantee against this happening !

Let me say it again, if you bang them up or you allow them to get nicked, the plating will act just like any other chrome plated object, either metal or plastic, it can begin to peel or flake off ! Please pay attention to what terrain you subject your plated Bulls Balls or Big Boy Nuts too. Remember, this is plating on High Density Polyethylene. (really tough plastic) If you don’t allow them to be abused, in a bad way, they will look great for a long time